1, Under Glass Finger-print Sensor

Part Number: MS66030H01

Description: MS66030H01 is an optical finger-print sensor chip that can achieve the high resolution image up to 4000dpi.  The data info acheived is more than 10 times of the conventional finger print sensor within same finger print area.   And more importantly, thanks to our micro lens array design, we are now able to catch the image of level 2 and 3 in human’s finger structure (remark 1).  These prominent features integrated in MS66030H0 make it become the best-in-class finger-print sensor.

Recommended Applications: Finger-print solutions that requires high security like Immigration, Safe Boxes, PC Security Dongle, Token etc.

2, Under OLED Display Finger-print Sensor

Part Numbers: MS28100H10

Description: MS2828100H10 is designed for the finger-print sensor used under the OLED panels.  Compared to our competitors’ solution using single camera lens, our micro-lens array can acheive higher resolution in finger print image.  And the tolerance to the distance between finger top and sensor is greatly improved (vs. other market players).   .

Recommended Applications: Mobile Phone, Tablet, Palm PC etc..


3, Super thin-form Under Display Finger-print Sensor for mobile phone

Part Numbers: under development

Description: This is specially developed to meet the compact ID design raised by major mobile makers.

Recommended Applications: Mobile Phone, Tablet, Palm PC etc.

Photo by Skyla Design on Unsplash